Cost of Runing

We fail to believe the argument that the Chicago Bears don’t have a cheerleader squad because of the cost associated with running them. In 1985 the final year of the Honey Bears the reported cost to run the squad was $50,000. That is far less than today’s minimum NFL salary for a rookie of $285,000.

Today several NFL cheerleader squads actually make money for their respective team. It is believed the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders actually earn over $100,000 a year for the Cowboys. The sale of calendars, videos, photographs along with cheerleader appearances throughout the year are the main way the squads actually earn revenue for their respective team.

In the final year of their contract each Honey Bear earned $20 per game. They were required to attend practices twice a week but did not receive a salary for the practice just the actual game and they were also responsible for keeping their uniforms clean and up to standards which required dry cleaning. Over twenty years later the pay for an NFL cheerleader hasn’t changed much. Some squads pay their cheerleaders as little as $15 a game while the St. Louis Rams & Indianapolis Colts appear to be at the high end, paying their cheerleaders $75 a game. Some teams, like the Buffalo Jills even require the cheerleaders to buy their own uniforms.

NFL cheerleaders are generally required to either be a student or hold down a full time job. The salaries seem to support why the teams require them to have another source of income. However, they do have the opportunity to earn extra cash when the squads make paid appearances or shows.  If lucky based upon calendar sales and extra apperiances a cheerleader could earn up to $6,000 per year; a far cry from a NFL players salary.

While it is not hard to argue NFL players are only interested in the money it is almost impossible to say the same about their cheerleaders; they perform simply for the love of the game and their team.