Virgina McCaskey please bring back the Chicago Honey Bears


This web site is not affiliated in anyway with the Chicago Bears or the NFL. This site is a nonprofit site dedicated to bringing back the Chicago Honey Bears and documenting the history of the Chicago Honey Bears from 1977 - 1986.

Have you ever watched an NFL game from another stadium and seen their cheerleaders and wished the Bears still had cheerleaders. Are you tied of hearing about cheerleaders from teams such as Dallas, Washington, Oakland, Miami, San Diego, Tampa Bay and wished Chicago had their own. It is not a matter of cold weather, many cold weather cities have cheerleaders Denver, New York, Buffalo, and Seattle all play outdoors and have cheerleaders.

Management had said cheerleader " have become passť" as a reason for dropping the Honey Bears. In 1986 nine of the 28 NFL teams didn't have cheerleaders; today only six of the 32 teams don't have cheerleaders. Apparently Passť has become the mainstay.

Our goal is to gather enough support to convince the Chicago Bears to bring back the Honey Bears. Honor the great George Halas and bring back a tradition he started. 

Cost of Running the Chicago Honey Bears


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