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Story Title Author Newspaper Date
Show-biz cast is Bears' best 'draft' Rick Tally Chicago Tribune 05-05-1977
Too many quarterbacks? Not really Robert Markus Chicago Tribune 05-05-1977
Bears benefit squad game July 25 Neil Milbert Chicago Tribune 06-29-1977
Bears' Honey Suit Up   Chicago Tribune 07-19-1977
It's a rah-rah beginning to another Bear Season   Chicago Tribune 07-26-1977
Starless cast sheds no light on Bears David Condon Chicago Tribune 07-26-1977
No Title   Chicago Tribune 07-26-1977
Here are the Honey Bears   Chicago Tribune 10-10-1977
Rah-rah lives-ask Honey Bears Laura Schmalbach Daily Herald 10-10-1977
Tower Ticker Aaron Gold Chicago Tribune 12-28-1977
Halas kicks off a Super Bowl future Dorthy Collin Chicago Tribune 02-03-1978
Applications accepted for Honey Bears   Daily Herald 02-09-1978
No passes, fumbles, but plenty of cheers   Chicago Tribune 03-19-1978
In the Wake of the News David Condon Chicago Tribune 09-27-1978
Down to 'bare' essentials   Daily Herald 10-08-1978
Rah, Rah, Raw   Chicago Tribune 10-10-1978
Fired cheerleaders charge 'hypocrisy'   Chronicle-Telegram 11-02-1978
Cheerleader Poses Expose the NFL David Israel Chicago Tribune 11-03-1978
Patti Ross gets chance in 'Duke' Ann Lucus Daily Herald 04-04-1979
Display Add   Chicago Tribune 06-13-1979
Bears ride Payton to win over Pack Don Pierson Chicago Tribune 09-03-1979
Now High School an be more than 'rah rah' Fred Mitchell Chicago Tribune 10-14-1979
Bears Lose a Yawner   Chicago Tribune 10-15-1979
Honey, this judge knows the score David Condon Chicago Tribune 03-25-1980
Health, big team, health   Chicago Tribune 05-22-1980
Bear Matchups   Chicago Tribune 08-23-1980
Motorcycle 'poker run'   Daily Herald 07-16-1982
Super Bowl party aids Little City   Daily Herald 01-21-1983
Hug-a-Bear Bash   Daily Herald 02-05-1983
Fund for sick child hits $95,000 mark Patricia Tennison Chicago Tribune 03-02-1983
Here's Your Chance to be a Honey Bear Margaret Carrol Chicago Tribune 02-08-1984
Grin and Bear it   Chicago Tribune 03-16-1984
170 Bowlers line up behind ailing child   Daily Herald 05-11-1984
Dallas, Dallas, Bah! Bah! Bah! Mike Royko Chicago Tribune 12-10-1984
Ewes' Party , Fashion show to Aid Lambs Tasia Kavvadias Chicago Tribune 12-26-1984
Honey Bears gets a kick out of her dancing   Sunday Herald 12-30-1984
Educational eating II   Chicago Tribune 11-13-1985
Sorry, Honey, You're Got To Go Bernie Linicome Chicago Tribune 11-15-1985
Bears say cheerio to cheerleaders   Chicago Tribune 11-16-1985
Oh, honey! Bears cheerleaders put out   Indiana Gazette 11-16-1985
Bears say Cheerio to Cheerleaders Rich Lorenz Chicago Tribune 11-17-1985
Chicago's Honey Bears may be 'waived'   Stars & Stripes 11-17-1985
Female Fans Like to Play Field Mike Royko Chicago Tribune 11-19-1985
Emkay Grand Opening   Daily Herald 12-07-1985
Cheering Through Thick and Thin   Chicago Sun Times 01-04-1986
Sad Honey Bears go out with a cheer Ernest Tucker Chicago Sun Times 01-13-1986
Super Bowl Party   Chicago Tribune 01-22-1986
Chicago's Mood: It's Party Time Eric Zorn Chicago Tribune 01-26-1986
Views of Super Bowl XX   Titusville Herald 01-27-1986
Charities share Honey Bear fate   Chicago Sun Times 02-06-1986
Odds & Ins   Chicago Tribune 02-13-1986
A Fond Farwell   Daily Herald 02-14-1986
Odds & Ins   Chicago Tribune 05-26-1986
Exposure Proved UnBearable Molly Woulfe Chicago Tribune 10-30-1988
Bring back cheerleaders to inspire Bears Fans Joseph Cavanaugh Chicago Sun Times 11-07-1989
Honey Bears dancing onto a new stage Paul Zuziak Daily Herald 02-22-1990
Honey-Less Bears Arthur Ghent Chicago Tribune 01-08-1994
Longtime love of cheerleading drives director Anne Schmitt Daily Herald 07-31-1996
The Curse of the Honey Bears James Pro Cheerleader Blog 01-02-2006
Reunion calls Honey Bears and their queen Burt Constable Daily Herald 01-14-2006
Flashback Photo of the Week Sasha Pro Cheerleader Blog 07-09-2006
Here's Another Look Back Sasha Pro Cheerleader Blog 11-05-2006
Has the Curse ben lifted? Sasha Pro Cheerleader Blog 01-22-2007
Honey Bears Remain a Sweet Memory Matt Arado Daily Herald 02-01-2007
Former Honey Bear Still Cheering on Team Tim Waldorf Chicago Sun Times 02-01-2007
Flashback Photo of the Week Sasha Pro Cheerleader Blog 02-25-2007
Bears to Add New Sideline Entertainment Sasha UltimateCheerleaders 04-01-2009
Campaigning for the Honey Bears Sasha UltimateCheerleaders 08-21-2009
Unbearable Situation Elliott Harris Chicago Sun Times 01-19-2010
This is a Bad Weekend for NFL Cheerleaders Tom Weir USA Today 01-21-2011
Twenty-Five Years Ago - Part I Dave UltimateCheerleaders 01-25-2011
Twenty-Five Years Ago - Part II Dave UltimateCheerleaders 01-26-2011
Twenty-Five Years Ago - Part III Dave UltimateCheerleaders 01-27-2011
Twenty-Five Years Ago - Part IV Dave UltimateCheerleaders 01-28-2011
From Convent to Sisterhood of Honey Bears Burt Constable Daily Herald 02-24-2014

This section is dedicated to stories of the Chicago Honey Bears from both the original Honey Bears as well as the fans. We are always looking for more stories especially from former Honey Bears. If you wish to submit a story please see "Contact" for information on where and how to send us your story.

Story Title Author Classification Time Frame
Honey Bears in Tampa Steve Byrd Fan 1978-1983
    Honey Bear  
    Honey Bear  
    Honey Bear  
    Honey Bear